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the Australian board
  • Will Dakis – Chair and Vice President. As a lawyer Will has applied his knowledge and skills to our registration and incorporation. He works full time as Growth Manager with the AFL.

  • Dr. Susie Lachal – President and Project team member. Her PhD dissertation focuses on human equity through practice-led research specifically the relations that developed among the co-workers during the construction of the two x three-classroom school buildings. The dissertation can be viewed at

  • Brigid O’Keefe – Board member and Immediate Past Secretary. Brigid has supported the running water project since its inception. As a retired Principal (Camberwell South Primary School) she brings a wealth of management and governance experience to the board. She was the inaugural secretary and is training Kate Ginalyo to take over the job. Brigid has known Thy and Narith for 13 years.

  • Liz Petty – Treasurer and Project team member. Liz brings extensive experience as a self-employed and small business owner. Her technical skills in website and data base development allow us to transition to the next phase with running water project.

  • Kate Ginaylo – Secretary, New Board member, Primary Teacher at Scotch College Melbourne

  • Liz Halpin – New Board member, Teacher Librarian at St Kevin’s College, Melbourne, Liz has known Thy and Narith for 10 years

  • Vlad Ginaylo – New Board member, ICT Officer at Kingswood College, Melbourne, Vlad has known Thy and Narith for 8 years 

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