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financial support needed

 To complete the current proposed works that include repair and maintenance and installation of urinals and MHM kits we have a total budget of $47,000USD or $70,700AUD

  • for the past seven years our average annual budget has been USD10,000 and we are seeking to increase this to USD50,000/annum for five years

  • Company status and funding: We became incorporated and gained ACNC status in 2019 and receive donations from family, friends, Rotary Camberwell and Pearse Financial.


Thy and Narith are paid expenses ($25USD each/school) and a small project management fee ($100USD each/school) for each school. They view this work as their social justice contribution to their community.


Susie and Liz do not receive any funds from running water project and self-fund their trips to Cambodia. 


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