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Traditional water pots at Ou Krou Kei modified to become a hand washing station. Image: Susie

Kampong Thom Province


We operate in Kampong Thom Province, 200 kilometres from the capital, Phnom Penh and 200 kilomtres from Siem Reap. Kampong Thom is one of the poorest rural provinces in Cambodia.  An estimated 20% of Kampong Thom’s rural population live in poverty. "Many Cambodian students are not acquiring the foundational skills in literacy and numeracy crucial for future learning and a dynamic workforce​​...Cambodia continues to have a serious infrastructure gap and would benefit from greater connectivity and investments in rural and urban infrastructure." World Bank  

The toilet facilities for Rorkach Our primary and secondary school.  Upgrade yet to be scheduled. Image: Susie


The principal, Sovan designed this handwashing station. Image: Susie

project sites 

Map of Kampong Thom Schools we have supp
Map of South-East Asia and Kampong T.png


South East Asia Image: Google maps

Area of Kampong Thom Image: Google Maps

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