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meet our people

Susie and Narith doing a maintenance audit on a toilet block 

our people in Cambodia

Thy and Narith

Thy is the project manager and team leader for running water project and is the Deputy Director of the Planning and Health Departments of the Provincial of Education in Kampong Thom.

Narith is Principal at Porpel school. He also brings great orgnisation and practical skills to the team as our construction manager. 

It's Thy and Narith's knowledge, managment and communication skills that make the projects happen.


The running water project emerged from a strong working relationship and friendship among Thy, Narith and Susie as a result of their involvement with Teachers Across Borders Australia Inc. The 3 met in 2006 during the first programme of teacher training workshops offered in Kampong Thom. The project started by drilling wells for 3 schools and now covers 60 schools and over 15.000 students and teachers. 

Narith and Thy testing a new hand washing station at Roussey Douch. Image: Susie

Lisa  - secretary

Liz - treasurer

The board members and any Australians involved with the delivery of projects do not receive any income from the running water project.

All costs including travel, accommodation and living expenses are covered by personal finances.

our people donating

The Rotary Club of Camberwell have been long term supporters of the running water project (previously operating as the Well Water Project). They have donated a large proportion of the funding for the projects completed in Kampong Thom. 

Rotary funded toilets with plaque of thanks. Image: Thy


about Rotary Camberwell

camberwell rotary symbol.jpg

Narith and Thy with the principal of Korky. Image: Susie

about Pearse Financial


Tom Pearse of Pearse Financial has also been a long term supporter of the running water project. He is a founding member and within his business his clients are asked to make a donation as part of their contractual fee to one of three not-for-profit organisations. His T-shirts have made it all the way over to Cambodia and stylishly worn by Thy and Narith in their photo of introduction.

family and friends

We are very grateful to all the families and friends who have donated to the running water project.

thanks to all our donors... 

but there's always more to do!

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